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Olaplex salon treatments in Caterham

This simple three-step process includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. Olaplex works internally to cross link single Sulphur hydrogen bonds to create disulphide bonds. Olaplex will restore compromised hair and provide the ultimate breakage insurance.

Olaplex’ s break through treatment can be used in various ways to suit your individual needs.

OLAPLEX added to your colour service:  £30.00 per application

Maximize your colour experience by introducing Olaplex to your next service. This repairing service can be added to any of our tailor made colour services by simply adding Olaplex1: Bond Multiplier to your colour and left to develop as usual. This will rebuild the bonds when colour usually breaks down bonds. Colour is thoroughly rinsed and Olaplex2: Bond Perfecter is applied from roots to ends and combed through thoroughly and processed for a minimum of 20 minutes. Hair is shampooed, conditioned and styled to your liking.

Nano Keratin

Nano Keratin hair treatments in CaterhamThe nanoSmooth treatment is the world’s leading smoothing product. It is a revolutionary hair care management system designed to eliminate frizz, lock in the colour, and enhance shine. This fantastic smoothing treatment that will last up to 100 days. The results clients experience are truly breath-taking and life changing.

The nanoSmooth treatment uses a unique technology that breaks down keratin to a micro molecular size enabling it to penetrate the hair shaft. The nanoSmooth treatment is formulated with patented Biometric ingredients: Keratin, Amino Acids, and Proteins, which are designed to add strength, moisture and manageability, even for those with the most unruly hair types.

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